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    Tony proposed to me (Casey) at one of our favorite arcade game places with my ring popping out of a gumball machine. We have 3 dogs and a cat and they think we're THEIR pets. Tony's learning to play tennis with me, and he's taught me the fun of camping, fishing, riding motorcycles, and just relaxing in general. We play co-ed softball together whenever the opportunity arises. No matter what team we step onto, it's inevitable: he's always short stop, and I'm always on third. We're eachother's permanent side-kick, and somehow we're blessed with this natural flow for working together that has simply MADE Chapa Images.

    We are different from many husband and wife photography teams in that neither of us is the second shooter. This is not my business, and it's not his. It's ours. We are both the lead photographer, and we have our specific roles within the business. Tony is the lighting MASTER. He is a strobist to the core and creates some of the most striking images I've ever seen. I often choose to shoot with strobes as well, but many of my images are often softer, more intimate, and light.

    All in all - that's us. We play together, work together, and sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure it's all for real!

Lauren’s Bridals, Becker Vineyards – Abilene, Texas and International Wedding Photographers

So, Lauren’s bridals (isn’t she GORGEOUS!).

We initially met Lauren’s mom for their wedding consultation at Becker Vineyards for wine and wedding conversations.  On the same visit Tony and I had taken a tour of the vineyard and Tony was immediately bound and determined that he was going to convince Lauren to shoot her bridals at this place. As you see, he got his way!

Time went by and in scheduling the date for these we realized I was going to be about 36 weeks pregnant on the date of Lauren’s bridal session. Everything was going great with the pregnancy, I felt fine, but we all came to an agreement that if I could not attend Lauren’s bridal session then Tony would shoot her session solo. I like to think I’m pretty tough – I shot weddings last year with a torn ACL (you wont see us missing something over a cold, flu…or torn ligament – yes, weddings are THAT important) so this was really just a safety net and a plan of action if we needed it. We rarely, if NEVER, shoot wedding related sessions apart.

(Well, never say never).

…And then guess who had to have an emergency C-section just DAYS before this pretty lady’s bridal session! Yes, it happened. So shortly after I got out of the hospital and while Baby Rylynn was still in NICU (being born 5 weeks early), Tony headed to Becker Vineyards in Fredericksburg to shoot this session he had been looking forward to since that very first wedding consultation (which seemed like happened long, long ago)!

As for me, I’m a bit of a control freak. I have my hands all over these sessions, and it was killing me at home waiting for him to get back. I think I would have snatched the camera out of his hands the second he walked in the door, but he already had the screen ready to show me his favorites as he stepped in the house! And then, I saw that they were absolutely gorgeous bridals – as expected -and so he got a high five and a big kiss and here we are!

As promised, you can view Lauren and Chase’s full wedding gallery by clicking here. Prints and digitals are available for purchase and immediate download for family and friends (this will only be up for 2 weeks).

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