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    Tony proposed to me (Casey) at one of our favorite arcade game places with my ring popping out of a gumball machine. We have 3 dogs and a cat and they think we're THEIR pets. Tony's learning to play tennis with me, and he's taught me the fun of camping, fishing, riding motorcycles, and just relaxing in general. We play co-ed softball together whenever the opportunity arises. No matter what team we step onto, it's inevitable: he's always short stop, and I'm always on third. We're eachother's permanent side-kick, and somehow we're blessed with this natural flow for working together that has simply MADE Chapa Images.

    We are different from many husband and wife photography teams in that neither of us is the second shooter. This is not my business, and it's not his. It's ours. We are both the lead photographer, and we have our specific roles within the business. Tony is the lighting MASTER. He is a strobist to the core and creates some of the most striking images I've ever seen. I often choose to shoot with strobes as well, but many of my images are often softer, more intimate, and light.

    All in all - that's us. We play together, work together, and sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure it's all for real!

Ciera and Ricky *Abilene, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, Hill Country, Wedding Photographers*

If laughter is one of the main keys to a successful marriage (and I’d say it probably is), then Ciera and Ricky are set and ready to go! He sang her silly songs – she laughed, he told jokes – she laughed, he looked at her – and she laughed. Hehe, makes my job awfully fun and relaxed, that’s for sure!

I try to get to know all of our B&G’s as well as I can between booking time and wedding day. Since we shoot weddings literally all over everywhere, sometimes I only get to do that through social media, texts, and emails. While I did get to meet with Ciera briefly to discuss wedding packages, this was my first time to see these two together as a couple. The goal for us is not to book weddings (that’s way too business-like for me to comprehend), the goal is for us to get to shoot weddings for couples we genuinely enjoy, understand, and connect with. The goal is to create art, and shoot for people that really understand that and appreciate what we do. The over-all goal that leads to both of these is to always enjoy what we do and to love being a wedding photographer. After seeing these two together, I have no doubt that we all made the right choice in booking this wedding – their sense of humor and joy is absolutely contagious and to say the least – I’m thrilled about seeing these two again in a few months!

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